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All planning will be done by us, simply sit back and wait for the renovation to be done! Quality assured at reasonable pricing, best in Singapore.

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We ensure proper closure for cases brought up by our customers and lastly, your satisfaction.

Empire Works Singapore

We aim to have all of our customer’s concern address at all times and to maintain a good relationship with customers at all times.

Working with great individuals, enterprises and organizations are the key driving force to our businesses. Your satisfaction is our number 1 objective, we will keep things simple and most of all, hassle-free experience for you.

We work differently.

As direct carpenters, we assure quality at reasonable pricing

We are contractors in multiple specialisations, we ensure each of the works are done properly while maintaining the affordability of these services.

We believe that customer’s experience is the most important factor of our business, these are our goals that we are committed to.

  • To have all customer’s concern addressed at all times
  • To encourage valuable feedback for improvements
  • To maintain and build a good relationship with customers at all times.

The execution phase is very important. We do our best to plan every possible outcome and ensure minimal risks during the renovation period:

  • React on time with alternative solutions efficiently
  • To handle all cases with technical support
  • To carry out inspections during renovation/project in progress

We are our own carpenters’ contractor, we specialize in building and installing wood related works such as wardrobes etc.

  • Affordable and reliable carpenters based in Singapore
  • Provide direct carpentry service for residential and commercial
  • Construct and customize wardrobes, cabinets etc


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