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HDB Resale Full Hack And Tiling Package

3 Room — $37888
4 Room — $40888
5 Room — $43888

Comes with the following free gifts:

– EF Hood and Hob
– Rubine Stainless Steel Sink and Faucet


Consultation Service

Renovation consultation and space planning

Consultation of design, layout, material, colours scheme

To provide project management, schedule, and constant update of site


Hack existing floor finish for living room, dining, bedrooms, kitchen and toilets

Hack existing wall finish of kitchen area and 2 bathrooms

Hack existing skirting of living/ dining, bedrooms, toilets, kitchen

Dismantle existing kitchen cabinet, sink support, mortar base, if any

Dismantle existing toilet fittings


To screed and lay homogeneous floor tiles for living/dining, bedrooms, 2 toilets and kitchen

To apply HDB approved waterproofing membrane on flooring at kitchen and 2 bathrooms

To screed and lay homogeneous/Ceramic wall tiles tiles for 2 toilets
To screed and lay homogeneous/Ceramic wall tiles (exposed area) at kitchen area (not exceeding 400 sq ft)

  • With skirting
  • Tile size up to 600mm x 600mm
  • Tile price up to $4 psf from Lian Seng Hin
  • Odd shaped or oversized tiles will incur more charges

To screed and plaster non exposed area walls at kitchen area

To construct cement mortar base for kitchen cabinet with outlet

To construct cement mortar washing machine base with outlet


To construct and install 10 feet top & 10 feet bottom kitchen cabinet with the following

  •  Soft closing and anti slam hinges
  • 3 sets of soft closing and anti slam drawers
  • Blum Aventos HK for top hung dish rack door, if any
  • Stainless steel dish rack and cutlery tray

Table Top

To construct 10 feet quartz table top, inclusive opening for sink and hob, with skirting. 8 selections


To run exposed stainless steel water pipe for kitchen and cold piping for both toilets

To install kitchen sink, in/outlet and washing machine in/outlet for kitchen

To install both bathrooms toilet bowl, wash basin with tap, instant heater, bidet spray, accessories


Supply and Install 2 sets of slide and fold toilet doors


To paint whole unit wall with Nippon Vinilex 5000 (up to 4 colors) and ceiling with Matex

To paint whole unit door frame, big pipes with Nippon Bodelac


To provide haulage of building materials

Clearing of debris off renovation site.

Corrugated paper to protect existing flooring

To provide Chemical Cleaning after wet works.

To provide General cleaning upon completion of works.

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